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Settlement or verdict results are based on the individual merits of the particular case. Multiple case-specific factors affect the outcome of a particular case and the results reported below are not intended to suggest that every case results in a successful outcome. Nothing on this site is intended to be legal advice. If you have specific questions on a particular legal problem, call us at 860-535-4040 or 800-597-1334.

Some of Attorney Reck's Jury Verdicts and Settlements are listed below.

Tessa Scandariato v. Edward Borrelli

Ms. Scandariato was driving at night in Norwich when the defendant turned left in front of her vehicle as he attempted to enter a gas station. A significant collision occurred. The defendant claimed Scandariato's headlights were off. Attorney Reck was able to show the defendant's claims were false. The plaintiff injured her neck and claimed her injury affected her ability to work as a chef. The defendant disputed her injuries. The defendant offered $35,000 to settle. Jury verdict $306,296.10 reduced by 20% comparative fault.

Kathleen Crockford v. Lawrence Spencer et al.

A 59-year-old church pastor and part-time book editor was rear-ended by a fully loaded tractor-trailer, suffering a moderate traumatic brain injury and causing her to be permanently disabled from work. Top offer before trial was $1.1 million, which increased to $1.4 million during the trial.

Jury verdict of $2,523,500 (economic damages $1,273,500; non-economic damages $1,250,000)

Names Withheld Due to Confidentiality Agreement

56-year-old machine maintenance worker fell through an unguarded floor opening in an industrial plant, suffering numerous severe traumatic injuries, including a torn aorta and mesenteric artery, shattered spleen, ruptured kidney, four fractured ribs, herniated lung, torn urethra, herniated disc at T10-11, cervical sprain with aggravation of cervical disc disease, mid- and low-back sprains, a left rotator cuff tear, injuries to both knees, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Settlement of $3.5 million

Names Withheld Due to Confidentiality Agreement

A 45-year-old Connecticut construction worker fell into a pit after safety protection failed, resulting in multiple fractures and a mild brain injury. The contractor responsible for the site blamed the injured worker, who was found to be intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Settlement of $350,000

Names Withheld Due to Confidentiality Agreement

A 76-year-old Connecticut nursing home patient with peripheral vascular disease died as a result of preventable neglect.

Settlement of $200,000

Maria Synodi v. Katrina & Douglas Van Veldhuisen

50-year-old woman rear-ended by young driver. Plaintiff developed chronic neck and back pain and myofascial pain syndrome. Insurance company for driver made a top offer of $75,000 before trial.

Jury verdict for $839,969.75 ($40,000 for medical bills; $62,000 for future medical bills; $732,000 for non-economic damages)

Marilyn Malchik v. Thomas Manning, et al.

Cardiothoracic surgeon and radiologist erred when performing periocardiocentesis by withdrawing a significant amount of blood from Mrs. Malchik's heart rather than the pericardium resulting in hypovolemic shock and anoxic brain damage.

Jury Verdict $2,528,642.00

Michelle Tryon v. Town of North Branford, et al.

Dog bite injury at a fireman's parade. The dog owner, a fireman, and the Town of North Branford denied liability and also claimed governmental immunity. The victim required extensive reconstructive surgery on her nose.

Jury Verdict $716,774.00

Names Withheld Due to Confidentiality Agreement

A Connecticut woman ejected out of her vehicle when hit by a tractor-trailer truck on I-95. The driver of tractor trailer had not slept for many hours. Unfortunately, the crash resulted in catastrophic injuries for Attorney Reck’s client.

Settlement in the amount of $2.3 million

Herbert Hicks v. State of CT

Mr. Hicks was driving his truck around a sharp curve on a country Connecticut road when he encountered a large orange D.O.T. truck in his lane of travel. He swerved and flipped his vehicle resulting in a traumatic brain injury. The state claimed the D.O.T. dump truck was not in the road and that Mr. Hicks was speeding. The State of CT offered nothing and refused to settle.

Jury Verdict $472,048.11

Nancy Paull v. Stop and Shop Companies

Nancy Paull was in a wheelchair shopping with her daughter in a Pawcatuck Stop and Shop. When she tried to check out, the handicapped aisle was blocked, so she went into a regular aisle where her wheelchair became stuck. She attempted to stand up and fell fracturing her leg in two places. Stop and Shop refused to offer any money to settle the case.

Jury Verdict $226,861.00, reduced by 35% comparative fault

John Doe, et al v. Frank Carreiro

Two children were sexually abused by the defendant, which the defendant denied. The defendant refused to settle, and Attorney Reck took the case to trial where he obtained a judgment of over $300,000.00. The case was on appeal, and Attorney Reck won the appeal for his clients and attached several properties of the Defendant. The Defendant later pled guilty to the sexual abuse. The case was appealed, and Attorney Reck prevailed before the Connecticut Appellate Court.

Name of Plaintiff and Defendants Are Withheld Due to Confidentiality

Elderly man with several health problems died from cardiogenic shock after ER doctor failed to recognize or test for myocardial infarction. Defense contended that patient did not have the normal signs of a heart attack and that his heart attack had already occurred before he went to the hospital.

Settlement $450,000.00

Name of Plaintiff and Defendants Are Withheld Due to Confidentiality

Woman presented to several physicians with headaches and eye blurriness. Her eye condition went undetected and undiagnosed until she went blind. Attorney Reck worked with Attorney Paul Levin in taking numerous depositions and hiring several highly qualified experts.

Settlement of over $2 million

Nathan Camerino v. Stop and Shop Companies

Plaintiff fell on a wet floor from the floor washing machine and injured his back (chiropractor treatment). Plaintiff alleged there were no warning signs or cones. Stop and Shop claimed the Plaintiff was running and jumping down the aisle when he fell and that there were warning cones up. Stop and Shop offered only $2,000 to settle. Attorney Reck took the case to jury verdict and received an award of $80,792.29 (reduced by 10% comparative fault).

Dominic Pouch v. New Haven Central YMCA

Plaintiff injured eye playing racquetball and required eye surgery for retinal detachment. Plaintiff's expert claimed the YMCA should have provided safety glasses to beginning players who are unaware of the injuries that a racquetball can cause to a player's eyes. The defense offered only $10,000.00 to settle.

Jury verdict $256,000.00 (reduced by 10% comparative fault).

Confidential Settlement Against Surgeon and Hospital

Widow with two young children lost her husband due to medical negligence when the surgeon failed to read a critical report that required prompt treatment.

Settlement of over $3 million. 

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